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Warfield was originally a Saxon settlement and is recorded in the Doomsday Book. The village was on a main route from the West Country to London and as such prospered with the various small hamlets clustered around the church. Today the centre of the Parish, such as it is, has moved away from the church. The population now spreads from the new developments in the south of the Parish to the rural area of Nuptown. The population of the Parish in 1991 was 1794. It is estimated that this will be 8550 by the end of 2006.

Warfield Hall is best known as the home of Sir Charles Brownlow, a great benefactor to the parish of Warfield. He repaired the church tower and built the Brownlow Hall for the whole community. It used to house his library. Sir Charles had been a Field Marshall in the British Army, fighting in the Punjab Wars, various Indian campaigns and the 1860 China War. He inherited Warfield Hall through his wife, just after it had been totally rebuilt a little nearer the road following a disastrous fire.

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