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Welcome to the personal web site for Ian Tyson.

I guess by the fact that you are here you must know something about me, but just in case you don't and are still interested I will tell you a little bit about myself. Well I live alone in a quiet corner of England called Warfield; it is about an hour by very slow train from London Waterloo station and 15 minutes by car from the M3 or M4 motorways. I have lived here since August 2002 and my neighbours are great; the best you could ask for. To pay the bills I work as a Solutions Consultant for a US software company. I have been working there since February 1998. Although I have done many different roles during my long sentence there it still feels like I am a lifer with no time off for good behaviour. Prior to that I worked for Bosch Telecom as their UK support manager looking after all their customers.

People that know me well know I am not a geek just a ‘boy that loves his toys’ someone who is very technical but down to earth with it, and that’s the truth. Spare time to me is very precious and it must be spent doing the things I love. I often travel out and about walking and admiring the sights, it all becomes worth it when I stumble across a welcoming restaurant for a bit of lunch. Driving is one of my main passions and I especially like a drive out when the sun is shining with the roof down.

This is my second attempt at a personal web site, the first was a very basic Microsoft FrontPage template that looked a little bit yellow and never got finished. It has taken me at least two years now to get motivated enough to design and build this site. I work all day with computers and the last thing I want to do when I come home is more of it, I had to wait until an unexpected trip to Paris to get this site started.

Me on the beach
in Brighton
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Me and My Mum
one Christmas
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