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Ian Tyson DVD Collection.

One of the things in life I enjoy is watching films. I have converted one of our spare bedrooms into a Cinema Room with an LCD widescreen projector and a Sony 5.1 Dolby Surround sound amplifier. The Screen is 288 centimetres (111) diagonal making it more than 3 times bigger than our telly in the living room.

I recently purchased a Pioneer DVD recorder DMR-E65 to allow me to store the films I record from the SKY movies. It records onto either DVD-RAM or DVD-R disks. I tend to always use the DVD-R format as that is compatible with the other DVD players in the house.

I have catalogued the DVD collection (a little sad I know) and have included a link below. Note that this will open in a new window and may take a few minutes to open.

Link to the DVD Collection

LCD Widescreen
Located above a cupboard

The Screen
2.4 M wide
fills the end wall


2005 Ian Tyson

  page updated - 27 Mar 2005