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Ian Tyson CD Collection.

I have been collecting music for quite a few years now and have built up quite a CD collection there is more than 7,000 titles in the list.

I recently purchased a 40GB iPod and have put all my music on it. I use MusicMatch 10.0 to manage the music and the iPod as i find it easier to use than iTunes.

I have catalogued my CD collection and have included a link below. Note that this will open in a new window and may take a few minutes to load. (If you are not on Broadband I wouldn't bother) If you know a piece of software that can export music in a better format than the software I used please email me and let me know.

Link to my CD Collection

The iPod
It's only a G3
But I love it to pieces

MusicMatch 10.0
Windows Software
It almost does it all


2005 Ian Tyson

  page updated - 27 Mar 2005